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links from a friend who co-directed and put on the Milwaukee Zine Fest for the last 3 years.

http://compilationstation.wordpress.com/ – Great resource if your looking for submissions.

Also she is a a collective member of a queer zine library in Riverwest called QZAP- and a lot of their collection is available via PDF on http://www.qzap.org


Letterpress Broadside Design Competition

Letterpress Broadside Design Competition at Flying Object (an amazing book seller, art hours, reading space, gallery, and poetry haven in Northampton, MA). Competition guidelines here.


15 Minutes Press: Experiment #1

15 Minutes Press–a small press concerned with publishing personal, chaotic, messy, ridiculous, experimental, serious, humorous, and collaborative books VERY VERY FAST. Our first set of publications were mini-books that interpreted or translated a single poem (“Things To Call Water” by Mark Leidner) in a short period of time. The goal was to capture a collaborative real-time experience and reaction to reading.

Editor:None (or, briefly, the fist artist in the process)

Mission: Collaborative and experiential “reading” of a single Continue reading


six more weeks everybody


First Grade Reading Woes by Abby Malesytcki

When my sister, Maggie, learned read. She and my mom would huddle up on the couch and I would be left to my own devices. I was so jealous that I would do anything to get my mom’s attention. Not only did Maggie get to have one on one time with my mom, she also got to learn how to read. I was desperate to read, I would write notes to my parents with squiggly “writing”. They were never fooled though; my sister would always brattily announce that I was not actually writing real words. Continue reading


TO BE READING by Sam Joseph

Guilt, once instilled, is hard to rid myself of. I’ve had all kinds of it inside me for as long as I can remember. As a small child, it was from lying about who broke the magazine rack. Later, it was from not understanding how to pray to God. Later still, from sneaking out of my parents house after curfew. I figured it would all go away once I was an adult or once I moved out of my parents’ house, because I would have no one to answer to. Of course that was because I didn’t understand that guilt comes from me, not any authority figure. I’m afraid I will never Continue reading


sad and relevant?

ink&paper from Ben Proudfoot on Vimeo.


“It depends upon intenti…

“It depends upon intention.  If someone declares it a book, it’s a book!”  Keith Smith, Structure of the Visual Book


defining “book”

In order to define “book” properly, the context of the conversation needs to be considered. Had this been a standard English class at a public college the definition would be much different then the one that we will compile in this class.  Simply put, at the most basic level, if anyone in the world were asked to create a symbol that would represent “book” we would all draw very close to the same thing; a bound object with a front and back cover that contains pages filled with some sort of visual communication involving an author and a reader/receiver of information (assuming said person had experienced a “typical book” before). However, considering this and moving forward, the definition of “book” in our culture today spans across a much broader spectrum than this basic symbolic representation. Continue reading